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Who is Forward View Displays?


We are a team with more than 40 years of collective experience working in Displays and Product Design.  Our goal is to work with your team to understand the demands of your application and design a solution that suits your needs.

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What does FVD do?

Established in 2007, Forward View Displays caters to clientele in search of display-centric solutions tailored to their evolving requirements.


We integrate with engineering teams to address both short-term and long-term customer vision. Our process involves understanding system requirements, presenting various options, and carefully selecting the most suitable components for your application. Our deep knowledge and experience crafting solutions enables us to enhance end user’s experience while delivering opportunities to lower product costs and increase product lifecycle.


We have continually proven a willingness to take on projects that expand our capabilities. In addition to displays, FVD regularly assist customers with design an assembly of single board computers, mechanical housing, custom A/D boards, and custom cables.


At our core, we are driven by our passion to assist companies to overcome design and manufacturing challenges, enabling them to prioritize the creation groundbreaking innovation.


We augment your efforts in crafting groundbreaking solutions that set your distinctive business apart. Let us be your dedicated display integration gurus, providing expertise tailored to elevate your brand.

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Why partner with FVD?

We have extensive technical and vertical experience. We then pair our market knowledge and willingness to grow our capabilities to augment the capabilities of both lean and large engineering teams .

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